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We are proud of our congregation and want to share some of the fellowship and fun we have at Saint Andrew's.  We would first like to give you a short tour of where we pray and worship.



Here's the church and here's the steeple




Saint Andrew's Sanctuary  





More pictures soon



2017 Vacation Bible School





2017 Italian Dinner



2016 Vacation Bible School



2016 Spring Church Clean Up


2016 Lord's Prayer by some of our Young Deciples


 2016 Bunny Breakfast





2016 Spring Children's Consignment Sale



 Senior Outing to "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"




Upward Basketball  -  Something Special  -  Feb. 21, 2016


Children's Christmas Play at Cedarfield





2015 Bazaar





2015 Trunk or Treat



2015 Fall Consignment Sale




2015 Promotion Sunday



  2015 Backpack Sunday




 2015 Vacation Bible School


 2015 The Eagle has Landed at Saint Andrew's




 2015 8 Helping Hands



2015 Bunny Breakfast


2015 Spring Consignment Sale



February 2, 2015 Pictures of Saint Andrew's in the snow



 2015 Winter Fantasy 



2014 Christmas Cantata



2014 Birthday Party for Jesus



2014 FYC Cooking Makers



West End Montessori School Kidz Kupboard Helpers

The children of West End Montessori School have completed a very special service project that has touched our hearts here at Saint Andrew's.  These wonderful children collected six hundred and seventy seven juice boxes to donate to our Kidz Kupboard community project.   In addition to the generosity of the parents and children, upper elementary children provided the "manpower” to load the juice boxes onto the shelves in our pantry.   We have always felt Kidz Kupboard was a special community project for our congregation, but seeing the kindness, energy, and willingness to help other children displayed by these West End Montessori School students has assured us that Kidz Kupboard is truly a special project.  Thanks to West End Montessori School and especially to your dedicated young children who gave of their time and energy to provide our kidz with juice during the upcoming year.



Children's Choir Singing Christmas Carols at Dogwood Terrace Senior Living Center on December 10, 2014.





2014 Advent Celebration





2014 Trunk or Treat



  2014 Bazaar


2014 WOW Potato and Watermelon Harvest



2014 Fall Children's Consignment Sale




     2014 Blessing of the Backpacks



2014 Vacation Bible School




2014 WOW Picnic Pictures



2014 Kids Kupboard and Children's Consignment Sale




2013 Christmas Cantata




2013 Coachmen visit to Saint Andrew's




2013 Saint Andrew's Advent Fellowship Night



2013 Bazaar






History of Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church



Laural Street Methodist Church




 Grace Methodist Church 



Merge to Create 

Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church